Vittel, (in the South East of France), originally served as a place to house internees, usually woman and children of British or Colonial nationality, who were detained by the German authorities during WW2.  As the war went on the camp started to be used as a transit camp for people, mostly Jewish, on the way to camps further East.  
A book, ('FRONTSTALAG 142' by Katherine Lack), about the experiences of a British woman in this camp sums up some of these events in Chapter 9, and that is reproduced in separate webpages.
Three women were to be given the award 'Righteous Among the Nations' for their efforts to help such people at Vittel, in the face of great danger to themselves.  Details can be found at the Yad Vashem website - - by typing in the word 'Vittel' in the central search area on this page.