The following is some information about a book that Vashti Vincent illustrated, probably in the 1950s.

Vashti M Vincent did some illustration work for the publishing company ‘E J Arnold & Son Ltd’ of Leeds after the war.  On the back page of the booklet shown nearby is the number 714, and the subtitle ‘Bright Story Reader’, and ‘Grade 1’.  So – ‘Winky and Wonky’ by Stanley Tennant seems to be part of a series of books intended to help children to read, apparently published in the 1950s. 


Winky and Wonky are mice and the story unfolds on “Good Deed Day”, the teacher, (Miss Goose), at the local Woodland School, having made that day a half-holiday, and whoever had done the kindest deeds and had been the most helpful to others, would receive a handsome prize. 

After a few good deeds that weren’t so successful, Winky and Wonky were able to help clean the chimney of Mrs Rabbit’s house with the help of Cheeky Chick, who was persuaded to fly to the roof and then to drop down the chimney, becoming very sooty in the process – to much merriment and laughter.  Cheeky Chick eventually forgave Winky and Wonky for causing her to become so dirty. 

Miss Goose was very pleased with the efforts of her pupils, and she gave them slices from a cake she had made, and she also declared a whole day holiday.  This was received so well that the whole class jumped up from their seats and, forming a ring they skipped and danced, singing as they went.

“Hurrah, hurrah, a holiday,

Hurray, hurray, a holiday”

(The booklet finishes with...)

 – ‘And Miss Goose, what could we expect her to do?  She just laughed too.’